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Brunson Sawmill Kit Proven to Increase Recovery

Brunson-sawmill-alignment-solutionOver the last 18 months, quite a few sawmills have invited Brunson’s service group to perform a line-up and/or have purchased our Sawmill Kit and training. One timber manufacturer purchased Sawmill Kits for 12 mills, and will be installing even more kits in the future. Eight of the top twelve lumber producers in North America have asked us to perform line-ups in their mills using our optical alignment technology.

What are we hearing from these customers? The mills which are implementing the Sawmill Kit solution into their regular preventative maintenance programs have been the most successful. Some of the results we have seen include a reduction in board deviation by over 50% - and improvements in recovery up to 2.6%. A couple of customers have shared that these results delivered annualized savings of $500,000 to $1,000,000.

But one of the biggest endorsements we have received is that large timber producing companies with multiple locations have invited us into more and more of their mills, once the initial results are seen. We are also being asked to speak and present our technology at private timber company meetings involving Head Filers and/or Maintenance Managers. 

We believe this is a testimonial to the quality and simplicity of our alignment solution.

A technical solution is only as good as the company behind it. Our company has been in the precision measurement and alignment business since 1927. Our Alignment Specialists are seasoned industry veterans who understand the challenges you are faced with. They can help walk you through a better way to approach your key machine center alignments. 

Read Our Client Case Study

Want to learn more?

Give us a call or come see us at any of the following industry shows:

  • WoodTECH Australia September 26-17, 2015
  • WoodTECH New Zealand September 22-23, 2015

On-site Training is available.

We offer training courses at our Kansas City, MO headquarters, and travel internationally meeting with the individual sawmills.

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Brent Grisamore
By Brent Grisamore on Aug 19, 2014 11:33:00 AM

Topics: Sawmill, Optical Tooling

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