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Making hay while the sun shines, right? Wait.

Brunson Instrument Company
By Brunson Instrument Company on Apr 14, 2021 1:27:54 PM

What about making MORE hay?

The price of lumber is at an all-time high. No news there.

First it was the pandemic-inspired do-it-yourselfers making their quarantine time more comfortable with that new deck or addition. Then it was a rebound in new home building in the third quarter of last year.

And now, President Biden's American Jobs Plan has allocated $213 billion for housing--rehabbing, retrofitting and building a million rental housing units, and building another 500,000 houses for low and middle-income buyers.

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Case Study: Properly aligned sawmill equipment lasts longer, saves money for Brunson client

Brunson Instrument Company
By Brunson Instrument Company on Mar 20, 2017 10:43:48 AM

Brunson helps Buchanan Hardwoods use precision alignment to uncover costs and add revenue to their bottom line

Buchanan Hardwoods - a leader in the lumber industry, supplying hardwood products to markets worldwide - came to Brunson Instrument Company in 2016 after installing a new carriage track in their Alabama sawmill.

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