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Using SMR Nests to Simplify Object Measurements

Ray Ryan
By Ray Ryan on May 7, 2014 10:03:00 AM

Contributing Editor: Ray Ryan, Vice President of Sales, East Coast Metrology

East Coast Metrology (ECM) has a client who requires a special rectangular X-Ray fixture to be placed at the center of their imaging room to calibrate the position of the X-Rays relative to the treatment beam. Originally, each time the client wanted the X-Ray system checked for alignment, the fixture would need to be measured and moved accordingly until it was centered accurately. This required the measurement of 3 planes, construction of intersecting geometry, building a reference frame from the geometry and finally computing the corrections.  The process was iterative and very time consuming since the positioning tolerance was very tight (+/- 0.1 mm).

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Brunson Target Holders: Certified and Serialized

Bethany Hoppenthaler
By Bethany Hoppenthaler on Apr 23, 2014 3:33:54 PM

East Coast Metrology is an ISO 9001-certified provider of precision measurement services for a diverse client base of manufacturers. Many of their customers must comply with stringent ISO and accreditation guidelines in order to serve industries such as aerospace, nuclear, power generation, medical and more. For their close-tolerance field measurement jobs, East Coast Metrology engineers reach for a portable measurement solution consisting of a laser tracker, retro-reflectors and target holders. Down to the smallest component of this system, each element must be calibrated, serialized and certified using NIST-traceable tools. All to meet the exacting standards of their customers. 

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