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My grandfather was obsessed with several things during his lifetime. One obsession was any wild game whose habitat included the land, sea, or air. Another was the quality of his products. He told me one time that if I cheapened the instruments after he was gone, he would come back to haunt me. Another of his obsessions, and not the least, was ensuring the success of his customers. He truly was less concerned about selling products than he was about making sure people knew how to use them after they were purchased. It is somewhat sad that today’s culture, which is oversaturated with hyperbole, will probably cause people to doubt what I am saying. But I kid you not, that’s how he was.

He made geodetic instruments for surveyors, and there were a number of places that users of those instruments could obtain training. Registered Land Surveyors had an entire network of educational and other professional resources. But the same was not true for the users of his industrial alignment products. There was no training resource for this. 

So, he created his own. He did this because he knew that his own success depended upon the success of his customers. If someone bought his instruments, and couldn’t get their job done, he knew he and his company would get a black eye. He wanted to be sure that didn’t happen.

I heard him tell prospective customers more than once that he wouldn’t sell them anything until they first agreed to training. I think his concern for their success came through loud and clear, because they always agreed.

That’s why we’ve had a training facility in the Rock Pile since the very beginning. Back in the day, classes populated by customer-students would often discover that their teacher was none other than “Mr. B” himself. They brought real-life alignment challenges from back home, asking very real questions - and he gave them real solutions, showing them specifically how to use his equipment to achieve their goals.
He also took his class on the road. He bought an RV, and had our factory build a custom trailer to hold all sorts of Brunson alignment products. He would pack everything up (including my grandmother, who either enjoyed these cross-country adventures or pretended that she did) and we wouldn’t see him for a number of weeks. But he was out there, holding classes and practical demonstrations of his alignment products... all because he was obsessed with making sure that his customers were successful.

Today, we are still a full-service company, in keeping with his original philosophy. We want to provide solutions and answers, not just products, for our customers. We hold classes here at the Rock Pile, as well as on-site, teaching people how to handle their alignment challenges using our tools. Our customers are up to some pretty interesting things, and just like “Mr. B”, we want to make sure they get their job done.

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Deighton Brunson
By Deighton Brunson on Jun 12, 2014 2:58:00 PM

Topics: Metrology, Optical Tooling, Brunson History

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