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Control those SMRs!

Living on the Edge… but Never Falling

They get cracked, scratched, and occasionally dropped into the assembly while taking measurements. Brunson Instrument Company offers several options for controlling your SMR so it stays in place or securing it so that even if it does get dropped, it doesn’t get damaged.

Consider these innovative SMR target holders:

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The 1.5 inch large edge adapter (1.5 THLE -1) in the Brunson target holder kit works with 1.5 inch SMRs to measure the edge of two mating surfaces on a part. The adapter's large size allows the nest to be free standing and precisely capture more of the surfaces above and below the part.

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The 1.5 inch lanyard kit (1.5LK-P) protects your investment in your SMR. As shown in the video, the lanyard connects the SMR to a cuff around your wrist, and a dropped SMR is neither damaged nor lost.

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The 1.5 inch target holder with pin, or "pin nest," (1.5TH) in the Brunson target holder kit is available in various pin diameters. The nest's negative cut allows the SMR to rotate to a position below the nest's horizon for greater measurement flexibility. As shown in the video, not only does the pin nest facilitate measuring the center of a hole, it also makes it easy to scrub an outer or inner diameter of a feature.

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The 0.5 inch vector target (0.5THV) in the Brunson target holder kit is available in various offsets and shank diameters. The video shows the vector target interfaced with two half-inch SMRs to provide a vector that shoots straight through the centerline of a cylinder.

Laser trackers ain’t cheap. Get your money’s worth with accurate, specialized target holders!

David Buck
By David Buck on Aug 7, 2019 2:03:39 PM

Topics: Metrology, laser tracker, smr, target holder

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