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Getting the most out of your SMRs

For a laser tracker to function correctly, the SMR has to cooperate. Brunson Instrument Company offers drift nests and adapters that place your SMR where you need it and record that next measurement accurately. Consider these target holders:

The 1.5 inch THDN drift nests make it simple to affix 1.5 inch SMRs to a part as a monument point. Or the drift nest can be placed on a part and moved as needed. This is the single most popular target holder in the Brunson kit.

The 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch adapter SMR adapter (1.5ADP-.5) shown in the video above, allows the 0.5 inch SMR to be used with 1.5 inch tooling. You know you've had the 0.5 SMR in your hand and stared at 1.5 inch tooling wishing you had an adapter. Well, here it is in the Brunson target holder kit.

The 0.5 inch target drift nests (0.5THDN) shown in this video pair with a 0.5 inch SMR.

Measure a part or affix the drift nest to a part or to the floor as a monument point. These drift nests from the Brunson target holder kit provide excellent flexibility in 0.5 inch SMR location.

Laser trackers ain't cheap. Get better measurements with our target holders!

David Buck
By David Buck on Jul 22, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Topics: Metrology, laser tracker, smr, target holder

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